Over the years, I have used the arts, with many people from all walks of life, as a means of self-healing and exploration of various facets of our personalities. I saw firsthand the power of art and creativity, how effective it is to raise awareness and develop the subject’s competence, in the production of artistic and cultural events. In a series of Expressive and Educational projects, focused on Art Therapy, developed between Cape Verde and Portugal, participants were able to carry out rewarding and creatively aesthetic and relational experiences, to make the most out of their own resources, to satisfy their own desires, orient themselves towards their own interests and develop an active role in the media.
As a result of my work and successful outcomes, I was invited to write the article“Expressive Education as a promoter of the protagonism of children and youth” published in April 2012, in the book “Expressive Methodologies in the Community”, Volume 3, which is part of the Expression in Therapy collection.